Rabanales ReviewRabanales’ “Real Hip Hop” comes at you from Tennessee. The record kicks off with “Alpha Omega.” The most interesting part of this song is that old school record player feel it has. The background music makes it sound like it’s an album spinning on a record player from the prohibition era. “I Need You” also has this classic feel to it. Rabanales really knows how to pay homage to what came before him. The rhymes are great, but what is really great about this EP is that old school vibe. That stops though once we wrap up “Real Hip Hop” with “Collective Thoughts.” It’s like this journey through time and then he ends with the modern era with just a handful of songs. If you’re looking for a fresh new face in rap check out Rabanales’ “Real Hip Hop,” out now. (https://soundcloud.com/rabanales)

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