usg reviewU.S.G. is doing it up and bringing both sides to the table. “Neva Fold” features the likes of Phoenix, Swan Gody, Mega and T.W.O. What it is all about is never folding and giving up. It’s a good positive message set to a beat that sounds very hard but really it’s an enlightening song that could bring a sense of understanding to someone feeling low. We get into what really makes U.S.G. pop though when we roll up on “Spills I Wanna Rock.” We hear how fast his can come at you. He wastes no time and has a very interesting choice of an intro when it comes to “Let The Show Begin.” You just never know how a hip hop song is going to unfold but it’s always a pleasant surprise when you start to peel back the paper and get a song like this and ones like “Rain on Em” and “Line Em Up.” 2Shot produced “We Ain’t All Perfect Papers” and Scrills hops on to help out his boy U.S.G. This one had more of a realistic tone and tells a telling story. It’s eye opening to the real struggles people face. That’s really the hip hop that’s always the most interesting to hear. Currently though you can hear U.S.G. promoting two singles that are bound to take hip hop over. “That 30” sounds a little like a more audible Pitbull when it starts and the other is repping where U.S.G. calls home, “Bklyn Finest.” With Swan Gody, Mr. Spills, T.W.O., Yung Mega, Papers and YP you can be for sure that this one is hard to dismiss. It comes across like a modern day Wu Tang joint. If you’re a fan of both the fun and the seriousness of hip hop, check out U.S.G. today. (

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