Bio Organic Weaponry: Bio Organic Weaponry vol. 1

Bio Organic Weaponry ReviewBio Organic Weaponry sounds like it’d be this industrial rock band that’d tour with either Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails, but nope – that’s not the case. It’s a hip hop group that comes hard with their album “Bio Organic Weaponry vol. 1.” They open the record with “Liquor & Death” and it’s not hard to hear each individual in the group. Sometimes with ensembles it is hard to identify who’s who but not here. Masta Ace hops on “Subconscious Theatre” and I love this one just because of the cool cat jazz-like intro. It was unexpected and that’s always a good thing that’s appreciated. What I heard hear is that Bio Organic Weaponry kind of reminds me of House of Pain. Speaking of unexpected, “The Escape Plan” has a Reggae feel to it and stands out above the rest when it comes through. They group is joined by Khase and Big Tone for “Pyramid” and it is nothing more or less than a grand slow jam. Fitting for Halloween we have “Eulogy of a Dead Memory.” I really like the lyrics of this one and the beat makes this one easy to follow and really take in. Big Tone’s back on “All Seeing Steez” and instantly you can hear the sample they’re using and if you don’t recognize it, please refer to your ’90s catalogue and study. You can’t hate any song that pays respect to the great TLC. Another homage they did? Um, “Betty White.” This may be the first time the Golden Girl may have been mentioned in hip hop and it’s awesome. If you’re into hip hop that sounds street but has some surprises, check out Bio Organic Weaponry’s “Bio Organic Weaponry vol. 1,” out now. (

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