Out in Ohio sits C Physics and he’s trying his best to make his presence known world wide. “This is Real Life” is all about that sentiment. Everyone with a dream of skipping out on their own town for the big time can relate to every word in this one. Failure is not an option when it comes to going for your dream. With “Take It Slow” you don’t get that universal “I can do it” attitude, but you do get a song that has a R&B base and a sensual feel. The intro of “Dreamers” is good with the monologue but we go back to that universal feel of “This is Real Life” with “Dreamers.” It is a very positive message to deliver to the masses. What was unexpected though from C Physics? This homage to “Seinfeld” at the start of “More Than Friends.” Hey, that’s what’s great about hip hop, the influences and samples can come from anywhere and it works. We get a little hard with “Don’t Sleep.” This one stands out from all of the above because it’s not a sexy song or one that’s about making it. It just has a great beat and the rhymes stand up tall. All in all though, C Physics’ songs that have to do with his dreams and whatnot are the best. You can’t help but love his drive, so help him take his game out of Ohio and check him out now. (https://www.reverbnation.com/cphysics)

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