Rod ReviewRod is an emcee who isn’t afraid to go for it. “Wake Up” featuring Ruthy La La is a fast paced ride. It’s a look at the world and what’s going on and the problems there are out there and Ruthy helps string together Rod’s words with a beautiful, soulful performance. In “Because To God JESUS I Pray” has him bringing that same rhyme game you heard in the latter but then his pals featured on this one make it have this unexpected Reggae vibe. We step away from all that to get into “Fight’n Words.” This one has the best beat of the bunch. It sounds very sci-fi movie, like an alien is creeping somewhere in the shadows and it has a solid line that you’ll repeat for sure, “french toast of the west coast.” Wrapping up this rapper’s songs we have “So What’ it to You.” The delivery of this one kind of comes through like a conversation at times but overall it comes in second the “Fight’n Words.” All in all Rod’s music can be summed up as hip hop with a bit of an experimental twist. If that sounds like what you’re into, check out this west coast rapper today. (

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