Prepare Ya self, Get Ya Gas Mask

Prepare Ya self, Get Ya Gas Mask

Ilvyris’s album, Prepare Ya Self! Get Ya Gas Mask! released under Epidemic Entertainment, dazzles fans with creative rhymes, excellent production, and astounding sounds, and beats that never fade. Fans definitely need to tune into Ilvyris to receive hard hitting rhymes, and impacting beats that easily appease all sensations for incredible hip hop music.

All of the thirteen songs featured on the album are exceptional in quality, never dull, never uninteresting or bland, always passionately manufactured with purely hot talent that is effortlessly recognized. Abrasive, intense rhymes delivered sharply through well laid articulation presented masterfully. The most appreciated song featured on the album is Hell Bound which is a track that sets the microphone a blaze, and leaves the crowd lit through hot vocals, and a ruggedly “street raw” beat that backs intensity. No lack-luster, semi-nice tracks plague the album, leaving the album “in excellent shape” for looping, and looping. One of the strongest points to the music presented is that its interesting, and felt through its intensity. Ilvyris defines passion with their music, and they don’t just speak, they inject their venom into fans, bringing the listening experience to a brand new level most artists fail to achieve. All thirteen songs are well enjoyed.

The cover design, sound quality, and mastering are all well pieced together adding to the albums top stature. Epidemic Entertainment Inc., Vuaghan Mason ( mastering ), and Jacyn Phelps ( photography ) did exceptional work on the album.

Overall fans are strongly encouraged to tune into this album as it offers strong elements that appease the listening experience, and that are easily appreciated. Besides its high octane production, lyrics, rhymes, and beats, it delivers passion, intensity, creativity, and a maximized ruggedly raw edge. This album is a true success for Ilvyris, and Epidemic Entertainment.

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