Step Stones

“Lil D unleashes a wrath of conscious microphone fury with the thought provoking, debut release “Step Stones”. A high point in underground hip hop, Lil D delivers fans reflective, impacting rhymes. Lil D quickly captivates listeners with his strong, abrasive, penetrating flow.”

The best tracks on this album are “Southern Blues”, “Moments We Never Had”, “Step Stones”, “Aqua Velvet Life”, and “Underwater Angles”. All of the tracks featured on this album are great, reflective joints; however, the above mentioned tracks seam to stick out a little more than the rest. Lil D’s excellent word play, and mind spelling flow lure fans into the “core” of the rhymes content. Lil D has mastered the nack of making listeners feel the content of his rhymes.

The least appreciated track featured on this album is “The Souljahz May Cry”. This track is still a great contribution to the album; however, the subject matter of the rhyme isn’t as well presented as some of the other tracks.

All 14 tracks featured on this album are backed by outstandingly appealing beats. Each beat on this album exceptionally compliments its leading rhyme content.

This album is 66 minutes, and 35 seconds long, which contributes to its strong points. Fans want to hear more music on an album, and Lil D definitely delivers.

Lil D is a very talented artist, featuring a wide array of thought provoking tracks fans will enjoy. “Step Stones” is a great album, featuring great rhymes, beats, and production.

Track Listing:

01. Sandman’s Loot 5:07

02. Southern Blues 4:41

03. Chances Slight 4:34

04. Midnight Chasaz 4:15

05. Trains Comin’ 4:41

06. Moments We Never Had 4:14

07. Stress Of Money 5:43

08. Tho Souljahz May Cry 4:37

09. Step Stones 3:19

10. Thuggin’ Our Lives Away 5:40

11. Chariot Of Fire 4:25

12. Aqua Velvet Life 5:13

13. Sick Of Hard Times 4:55

14. UnderWater Angels 5:26

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