Straight Outta Humboldt

Potluck entertains via an ever flowing cascade of fun loving and light hearted rhymes that deliver subject matter to highly enlighten hip hop fans. Representing Humboldt County and Weed lovely Potluck’s music is influenced by emotions close to their heart. The realism exudes from their music like resin from fresh bud. Songs like “Get High”, “Mary Jane”, “Mariguana 101″ are well done tributes to smoking the chronic. There are other tracks that hit real life situations such as “My Life” and “U Aint That Fine”. Straight Outta Humboldt is a refreshing album that is extremely appealing and a keystone piece to any collection of tight hip hop music. All of the songs on the album are extremely entertaining and worth repeated listening; however, there are always a few that shine the brightest and those songs are “Mary Jane”, “Money Makes The World Go’ Round”, “My Life”, “Love Me” and “Funeral”. The leader of this group is the bonus cut “Funeral”. “Funeral” is an amazing song that is extremely well put together and incredibly reflective. It’s one of the best songs to grace an album in 2006. Music like this touches hearts and saves lives. The beats are brilliant, the rhymes are powerful, meaningful, intense and real. The most impressive factor is that the rhymes stem from personal growth, experience and real life situations. Straight Outta Humboldt isn’t an album that’s about bling, crystal and champagne. Straight Outta Humboldt is reflective, interesting, entertaining and introspective. The music gets fans high, makes them laugh, think, head nod and chillax. There are no bad tracks featured on Straight Outta Humboldt; however, the skits, although creative, break up the flow of the music; the phone call skit especially.

The special guests include The Luniz, Tech N9ne, Big Krizz Kaliko, E-40, Bosko, Kottonmouth Kings, Chali ZNA of Jurassic 5 and Twiztid on the bonus cut. The special guests certainly add more depth and appeal to the release. Fans appreciate and indulge in the musical treats contributed by these well respected talents.

The artwork is well put together and certainly reflects the nature of the music. The branding of the band and their love for Pot is well done. Suburban Noize Records has done a great job. The jacket is packed with pictures and information on the crew and their music. This provides inquisitive fans with the opportunity to learn more about and dig dipper into the music. The production and sound quality is top quality. The album is eighty minutes and twenty two tracks deep.

Straight Outta Humboldt is mandatory listening and should be spun in heavy rotation. The songs should be hailed as scripture and fans definitely need to listen to the words behind the ill beats that surely has their head nodding non stop. Expect more exceptional music from Potluck in the future.

Track Listing

1. Rock The World

2. Get High

3. Fire

4. The Magazine Interview (Skit)

5. Mary Jane

6. Money Makes The World Go ‘Round

7. Dank Alumni

8. My Life

9. What We Are

10. U Ain’t That Fine

11. Meeting With The Boss (Skit)

12. Roll Big

13. Doing Alright

14. Welcome 2 Humboldt

15. Love Me

16. Revolution

17. Phone Calls (Skit)

18. Marijuana 101

19. One Day

20. Our History

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