Owl Hours By Awol One and Factor

One of Owl Hours greatest strengths is its laid back, easy to relate to, mass appeal subject matter and rhyme context. Both the beats and lyrics are always refreshing and on point. Owl Hours is the closest thing to having a cool shower on a hot day. All of the eleven tracks featured on Owl Hours are exceptional. The guest appearances which include Aesop Rock, Tha Liks, Xzibit and Sunspot Jonz among others add even more brilliance and shine to this gem. Owl Hours is mandatory listening material that delivers meaningful, entertain lyrics, explosive, catchy, funky beats and thought provoking, but chill rhymes. Glamorous Drunk is a sharply cool track featuring a catchy, funky beat and some well laid lyrics. Glamorous Drunk is a great introduction to this masterpiece, Owl Hours. The album continues with Celebrate which is another live track that’s full of unique style and lyrical prominence. Celebrate is one of the albums brightest gems. The words and story unfolds lightly with subject matter that’s fun and entertaining. It’s a cool tune you can pump anywhere to chill. Destination is another inspiring track stacked with conception and metal introjections fans need like an H1N1 vaccination. The beat and lyrics are well put together and simply entertaining. Each sound and word laid continuously compel fans to stay tuned in to satisfy their cravings for nutrient rich hip hop. Brains Out is another notable track featuring a chill beat and meaningful, entertaining lyrics. The flow is flawless and the beat is highly captivating. The smooth groves, funky vibes and interesting sounds keep fans locked into the music. The complimenting, entertaining, conceptual lyrics equally grasp fans undivided attention. Sunset Sandwich is another great track and a nice way to end an incredible album. The beat is smooth and the lyrics ride it in pure harmony.

The best track featuring on the album is Stand Up featuring Myka 9 and Aesop Rock. This track not only contains witty, exceptionally laid lyrics, a catchy, head nodding beat but also dynamite guest appearances by two exceptional artists that contribute nothing but artistic brilliance. The words and story is something fans can easily relate with and be inspired by. This is a really nice polish on a hard hitting, heavyweight track. Aesop Rock brings the metaphoric mind candy to open minds like clam shells in boiling water. Must hear material.

Another dynamite track is Waste The Wine featuring Tash and E-Swift (Tha Liks). The lyrics are always on point, the beat is creative and catchy and Tha Liks bring pure intoxication with their liquid flow. Fans can’t help but drink up every word. The polish again is smooth with conceptual, laid back, easy to relate to material.