Bigga Vonny Keeps It Too Real

Bigga Vonny Keeps It Too RealBigga Vonny is like most MCs today, he concocts a lot of material usually made up of samples and freestyles and then puts them on YouTube for consumption. To say that he does not have a lot to offer in terms of volume would be a lie. He has more than enough music to satisfy both old and new fans alike. If you are into hip hop that does everything by the book, then you will like Bigga Vonny. The beats are on point, the songs are well done and for the most part, almost all have a hook that you can learn at the drop of a hat. Most of all, if you like to be real, then you will like 90% of what this rapper is dishing out. That is the subject matter of many of his tracks like “That’s Just Me (freestyle),” “Real Talk,” and of course, “Keeping It Real.” Then there were the other tracks that strayed away from that topic and touched on other things. Move over Jay Z, this guy is coming for you with “New York City Anthem,” and ladies be on the lookout for “Freaking You.” While most of his songs are about how real he is, there is more than enough to pick through to find one, two or five to call your favorite. If you like it real, then check out Bigga Vonny. (