Mr. Godfather of Hip Hop

Mr. Godfather of Hip HopNot a lot of people can say they have 30 years of experience doing what they are passionate about, but of the people who can is Mr. Godfather. After hearing “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang at just 9-years-old, he was hooked to hip hop. Four years later he constructed The Hip Hop Crew and has not batted an eye since. Music is what he knows and what he loves, so why not make it his life? Songs like “Shut It Down” offer up an undeniable hook that will continue with listeners 24/7. That’s no lie as “Pusher Man” and “Keep It Real” showcases the lifestyle of his game and show off what he’s about when he is not in the studio dropping beats. When it boils down to it though, the rapid fire of Mr. Godfather and the essence of what he can do can be found in “They Like That.” That is the song you will want to check out if you don’t have time. Then after one listen, you’ll make time for the rest of what Mr. Godfather has to offer. His style is radio ready thug life that is fast, real and riddled with honesty. (

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