Hypergraphia By Chokeules

Hypergraphia By Chokeules

To label this release as one more reason to be proud of Canadian hip-hip is an understatement. Chokeules, from Toolshed, represents strong with well laid, prominent, witty and engaging word play and lyrics. Hypergraphia is a sensational release that never disappoints. All songs, except for Done, are produced by Timbuktu who contributes the perfect sticks of dynamite to support this musical, hip hop explosion. It’s hard to select any track on this release as above the cut of the rest. It’s not common place, but this release is stacked with incredible tracks. It’s like picking a bud out of Cheechs crop “ it’s all going to get you super evaluated. After all, it’s what any fan would expect from Canadian dope.

Stand Out is a refreshing track that gets fans live. Quick moving, funky fresh, highly entertaining and catchy this track is a sure shot hit. Blind Boy Choke features impressive lyrics, a head nodding beat and some dazzling cuts. Done is another elevated track that gets minds open with flawlessly delivered lyrics that strike hard like Didier Drogba. So Money is another intense track that delivers witty lyrics and pure freshness. Young Fes lays the cuts like no other. Fresh Kils mixes all the tracks lovely. The artwork is interesting and the sound quality is top notch. Hypergraphia is the complete package.

Some critics may critique the album for something. After all, it’s hard to believe this is the perfect release. Perhaps the album cover should be red instead of yellow because it’s so smoking hot, but that’s about it. Reach deep for those duckets because this album is worth it all including the lint.

Hypergraphia is a head nodding release from beginning to end. Chokeules shines bright leading the way like the north star for lost souls. Through impressive, undeniable skill Chokeules dazzles fans with fourteen (14) hip hop gems. Chokeules is a talented artist and Hypergraphia is a keystone release for any serious hip hop fan. This album is highly recommend listening material.

In addition, fans should check out Toolshed for more dope hip hop music. Recognize.

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