Ligit Proves He Had The Right Name

Ligit Proves He Had The Right NameLigit is legit. He has not only the vocal talents to carry a hip hop track, but the brawn to hold it up. He was only 8-years-old when he set his sights on Hip Hop thanks to acts like Bone Thugs and Snoop Dogg. A decade later he found himself in some trouble with the law. After serving a few years, he changed his life around. Today music is his passion and his passion is his music. You get where he is coming from with songs like “Paranoid (Secret Surveillance),” and can hear the switch up in his lifestyle with songs like “Kite,” which is mature and understanding. Other songs like “I’m True” and “Crutches” will get your attention, but “Life’s What You Make It” is on point and will hold your attention for days. That one connects with listeners on a real level. The reality of the track and what it is about, they really sums up Ligit and his musical purpose and poise. If one were to hand out grades, “Life’s What You Make It” would get an A+. It goes above and beyond to make an impression. If you are into well-thought out hip hop, then make sure to make room at your table for Ligit. (