German Lugers By Snowgoons

German Lugers  By Snowgoons

German Lugers is the debut album from Germany’s renowned production team, the Snowgoons. Stacked with eighteen of the most memorable tracks that pierce with incredible, out of this world beats. The cuts, sounds and beats smack fans like baseball bats on softball leather. Riding the beats are a slew of independents elite such as, but not limited to, Living Legends, Last Emperor, O.C., Rasco, Afu Ra, Breez Evahflowin, Celph Titled, Reef The Lost Cauze, Chief Kamachi, Sean Price, Jus Allah, El Da Sensei, Wise Intelligent, Doujah Raze, MED, Baby Blak, Pumpkinhead, Wordsworth, Edi Amin, Edo G, Majik Most, Kreators, Born Unique, Mitchell Hennessy, Virtuoso and Craig G. German Lugers is highly impressive and sure-shot recommended hip hop listening material. All of the featured songs are explosive, intense and penetrating. Out of the eighteen tracks featured, none are dull. The beats are hot, the production is breathtaking, and the lyrics are sharp, witty, intelligent and well delivered. The most notable tracks featured on the album include the lead off single Never feat. Reef the Lost Cauze, Gunz feat. Sean Price, Jus Allah & Doujah Raze, Teacher’s Trademark feat. Wise Intelligent, Man of the Year feat. Last Emperor and Wait a Minute feat. Kreators. The most unique track is Man of the Year feat. Last Emperor. The creatively classical, cinematic vibe gives it a standout edge. The beat hits hard and moves heads effortlessly. The Last Emperor shines equally as bright with his dynamical, super charged flow. The lead off single, Never feat. Reef the Lost Cauze is the leader of the pack and a well deserved single. The track is one of the strongest tracks fans can hope to hear on any album. The flow of the album is incredibly smooth, mainly because the entire album was produced by The Sowgoons and they put forth every effort to continuously keep the hip hop hot.

The album artwork is well put together. There is some reading material inside the jacket for hip hop fans that might want to get a better feel for German Lugers. The cuts are well dropped in the perfect places and immensely add to the songs. The sounds, drums and base intertwined within the music is extremely refreshing. The Snowgoons have incredible ears made for forging flawless music.

German Lugers is mandatory listening material. Snowgoons are extremely talented and refreshing. They bring some of the illest, most exciting beats and production fans can hope to hear. The only disappointment fans will suffer from this album is if they don’t take a listen. German Lugers is the type of album that fans spin in heavy rotation until they wear the disc thin. German Lugers is a keystone classic.

Track Listing

1. Heads Or Tails

2. Who What When Where

3. Never

4. Gunz

5. Teacher’s Trademark

6. Thinking About Me

7. No Guts No Glory

8. German Lugers

9. Black Woods

10. Real World

11. Show Love

12. Man Of The Year

13. It’s Yours

14. Nothin’ You Say

15. Snowgoons Sonata

16. No Man’s Land

17. Offensive Lineup

18. Wait A Minute – Kreators

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