Maverick: Prosperous Psyche

Maverick ReviewComing straight to you from Hotlanta is Maverick with his EP “Prosperous Psyche.” We kick things off with “Only Tonight.” This joint has a hip hop backbone, but the skin of a R&B track. It’s smooth but has those rhymes laid out clean. We get that same smoothness with what sounds like a little Asian influence in the music. It’s a great east meets west fusion. Reality sets in with “Pain and Pleasure.” Those who like to keep it real will gravitate towards this one, for sure. Last up on this EP is “On The Move.” Here Maverick stays positive and offers some advice while keeping it cool. If you like hip hop that has been baked in the oven with an R&B glaze, make sure that Maverick’s “Prosperous Psyche” is put in your iTunes cue. (

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