It’s Easy, Like BiG Quezzy

BiG Quezzy ReviewIf you’re in Florida and need to give some hometown love to a rapper, make sure it’s BiG Quezzy. “Picasso Plates” has a very classic sound when it starts. Classic in the sense that you could hear it at an art show. Then it’s intertwined with this street sound. It makes for an interesting listening experience. With “Quick Entrance” comes fast, but not as snappy as one would assume. It also has parts that drift off and create a sense of drama and give the song a backbone. In “Translation” is the first one where the lyrics stood out more than the beat construction. That’s also the case with “Reverse Me” thanks to the ear catching Rihanna line.” With “Let’s Go,” that’s when the reality of what BiG Quezzy has been through and what he’ll do to ensure that he makes it far from the bad. It’s the best because it shows the man behind the lyrics. If you’re a fan of well constructed beats and heartfelt rhymes, check out BiG Quezzy today. (

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