A Variety Pack with Ghetto Glory Family

Ghetto Glory Family ReviewWhen it comes to making music, Ghetto Glory Family AKA GGF has a lot under their belt and they’re ready to share it with the world. So prepare. “Lovin Music” isn’t what one would expect. It’s crystal clear and has a more mainstream vibe to it with some R&B tossed in the mix thanks to the hook. As we move on, “Look at Us Shawty” has a more club feel than the last. It sounds like a song that would catch on like a trend. With “I Know You Do” we take a little step back into where we started. It’s a back and forth dance between two styles and that’s great because it keeps you on your toes and you’ll never be bored with Ghetto Glory Family. Whether you’re being emotional with “All I Think About Is You” or getting wild with “We Ain’t On That Bullshit.” If you’re a fan of hip hop that can get you going both in a feel good way and set you into party mode, check out Ghetto Glory Family’s plethora of sound now. (https://soundcloud.com/gemini-4)

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