Coming Together with 24Gang

24Gang ReviewWhen you get together with your boys and all can spit rhymes, you have to make something happen. That’s what the guys behind 24Gang did. “Whippin” has a very repetitive manner. It’s easy to learn, but doesn’t have a beat that makes it memorable. It might be better if the tempo was sped up just a bit. With “Reckless” we improve and have a slick beat that comes with a sick flow. This one is the shining star of the bunch thanks to it being a full package. Then you have “Gang” and here 24Gang brings it hard. This one sounds more aggressive than the previous but has a clear cut mission to entertain. You’ll want to take a big drink of “Juice.” It has an interesting flow and it’s kind of all over the place and that makes you pay attention even more. With “How I’m Livin’” that’s a great place to cap things. It’s a fresh track that really pulls everything together and showcases what 24Gang is all about. If you’re a fan 50 Cent and Eminem, check out 24Gang now. (

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