Hear the Growth of Dizzie D

Dizzie D ReviewNot every artist starts out knowing the ins and outs. In our musical journey with Dizzie D, we start with an emcee who lets the music guide and then takes the reins and powers through to be the boss man. “Hard Knock” sounds like the start of a movie when it starts. You can see a camera following a winding road and landing on a shot of a haunted house. Then when the rhymes come through, it doesn’t have that same feel. It’s a little less dramatic than the music. With “It’s Good” the rhymes come through very chill for the most part, getting some energy as it goes along but again – it’s the beat that really helps this track glide on. Overall this one is a killer track. As we head into “Bounce” it’s like Dizzie D finally found his footing and comes through strong as an emcee and the music no longer has the upperhand. He shines as the star. That streak continues on with “Fame” and we finally hear him and it’s a stunning performance. His confidence oozes from each line. If you’re a fan of artists like Kendrick Lamar, check out Dizzie D now. (https://soundcloud.com/dizzie_d)

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