MALLG: Definition of a Hustler

MALLGStraight out of the Southside, MALLG is dropping his anticipated “Definition of a Hustler.” The record starts off with “The Definition” and it creates a mood that can’t be denied. If you’re into rap that doesn’t play well with others, this is for you. It’s not the rap you’d hear at the end of a happy go lucky movie, this is for those who like it raw. He continues with the hard edge in “Brand New” but here the music eases things a bit but the bite is still has harsh as the last. We couldn’t move forward without talking about “The Hustler.” We just mentioned ease and this one throws you for a loop because it has a definite soulful feel. He shows a whole different side of what he can do here. He sounds a little cinematic in “Woop Dee Woop” with a Nicki Minaj-like fellow emcee helping him on on this joint. If you’re a fan of rap that comes with a huge dose of high powered grit, check out “Definition of a Hustler” by MALLG, out now. (

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