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Music is a way of expression. Preference of music depends on each person and mood one have. A good music should be a combination of good tempo and lyrics. But today, good music is not enough. Singer’s should come with a good packaging, and performance stunts. This adds up to their character which is in lined with the songs they write and song. With the song “this is my war” by Voice of Men, here are some points that needs to be taken:

Rap – It a music that has rap, people usually think that rhyme should be the key. But in the late 90s, singers started doing story telling kind of rap. While rhyming words are still a good fundamental for rap songs, there should be a story line, and the tone should be as if the singer is just doing a story tell. In this song, the rap was not clear. Words can’t be understood while hearing it, even with a loud earphone. It could have been because English is not the singer’s first language but it can be improved. Also, words not being understood is kind of okay for raps that are quite fast. Something like 60 words a minute kind of rap, however, it’s not. So, this can still be improved. I liked the second verse of Rap compared to the first. In terms of clarity and lyrics, but like the same I think it can still be revised.

Arrangement – Some part of the song, the voice of the singer sounds lower compared to the music. They should be equal or at least the voice is a bit louder than the music. Other than that, the tempo and how the transition of beat from verse to chorus are well laid out. It is really good.

Chorus – This part of the song is very catchy. I liked it. It can initially give a last song syndrome, and that what would artist want to give their audiences.

This is my war has quite the same feeling as bring me to life of Evanescence. At least, that is what I was thinking while listening to the music. The beat will get you going and has that dark feel. It is quite hard to learn the words to the song while listening, but it is tolerable. I just hoped that there was a more powerful way of ending the song. It is like you only get used to it for some time until it actually ended. The song’s message is about a man who is trying to fight for his love for the woman he loves, but the problem is you can’t quite feel the emotion to the song. It felt incomplete in some sense. Rhyming words in the song should be the least priority. Altogether, I give this is my war, 7 out of 10. I do hope that Voice of Men can improve their rap music and come up with another song that has more power and can be easily relate to.

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Review by Crystal Ross Jimeno

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