Dr.WiggzDr.Wiggz plays hard and raps even harder. We start off with him and his boy Filth Nasty and a little “Bitches on Bitches.” It’s more laid back than expected, coming at you with a slick hook. In “Major Key” this emcee plays around with sound and the 80’s feel is quickly taken over by a more modern sound that takes you right inside a dark club atmosphere. Changing things up and the mood, “Got That Keef?” is more like what you’d find on a mixtape with J.Cole. It has this R&B meets hip hop feel that artists like Drake have come to be known for. We’re picking it back up and going hard with “Mix Match,” while “Stop Lyin” is more about serving up a dose of attitude. The Dab is a popular dance out right now, but wow – “When I DAB” is definitely a track that makes you want to do more than move. It has this huge case of aggression that the power flows from the stereo through the body of everyone it comes into contact with. If you’re a fan of emcees who bring it hard, check out Dr.Wiggz today! (https://soundcloud.com/dr-wiggz)

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