Kydd Raz ReviewCalifornia is known for a lot; beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and of course hip hop. While it started out east, the rap that came out California had something unique about it and that’s what Kydd Raz has done on his latest, “Heart of Cali.” “Bars of Dope” opens the record and comes across with a lot of bite. It has this angry vibe but keeps you interested with the stellar beat. Heading into “IDGAF” we’re introduced to another great beat. The flow of the lyrics are chill and the pace a bit relaxed so they work in unison. Kydd Raz offers some life advice with “Don’t Be No Punk.” The music of this one reminds me a lot of the last track. The title track has a lot to live up. It does the trick in delivering listeners an overall great musical aroma. It has some attitude, but you can’t help but learn the words and then try and spit it out yourself. Closing out the album is “Wit This Shit.” This one caps things off with a track that sounds like it could’ve been the musical child of Mystikal and Snoop Dogg. It has this pizzaz, but keeps it street. If you’re a fan of west coast hip hop, check out Kydd Raz’s “Heart of Cali,” out now. (

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