King Cupid, The King of Kicking Back

King Cupid ReviewWhen it comes to kick backs, King Cupid is well, the king. “All Bad” comes to us in a very chill manner. It picks up towards the end, but overall it’s one of those songs you put on when you’re kicking back and don’t want to do much – but relax. With “Wait On It” it’s clear that King Cupid is a laid back guy. His rhymes don’t come out at a rapid pace, but this one’s pace gives us a bit more to move to. With that said, “He Can’t” really does the trick. It’s like we get more and more from this emcee as we continue to press play. It was a slow start, but here we are with a track that has a fresh beat as well as a great performance from King. Smooth with a few bumps is how one can best describe “Google Me.” The music gives off this velvet feel, but the lyrics have a ton of edge. If you’re a fan of chilled beats, check out King Cupid now. (

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