Baltimore’s Bodymore Banga$

Bodymore Banga$ ReviewBaltimore has a lot on their plate with an act like Bodymore Banga$. “In My Living Room” has a sinister feel to it. The deep delivery verges on evil in the beginning and sends a chill down the spine, but then it lightens up and becomes a welcoming experience with a great beat. While listening to “Eastside” you’re introduced to the track with a very elegant start. The keys play well and balance out the rhymes that come through with a menacing vibe. In “Shit Cool” we’re given a similar sweet sounding intro, only this time we’re not scared when the lyrics come through, but rather given a great bounce. All in all, this one sits best with everyone. It’s middle of the road, but plays well with all. With “Fight” that club style comes through as we’re bouncing right out the gate. Then it gets thuggish and we head from the dance floor to the streets in an instant. When it comes to creating music that covers all the bases, Bodymore Banga$ does it right. We have intimidation, club beats and sweet sounds all encased in one area. That’s not easy to do, so if you’re a fan of variety, check out Bodymore Banga$ now. (

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