Babyzav Brings Emotion to the West Coast

Out of Fontana comes Babyzav. He’s got a bag full of tricks to share. “Impala” has a very SoCal vibe in its sound. You can hear a little Snoop Dogg influence in this one as it has this “Gin and Juice” bounce to it. In “Missing You,” we go from one end of the spectrum to the other as things get a little sensitive as there is this beautiful vocal performance and the rhymes come across with a nice flow. That feel continues with “My Everything,” but then we hit the party scene with “Run This Party.” It’s got this pop-crossover mentality. Last up is “The Ones We Love” and we return to that sensitive state of mind. Where we started with “Impala” is not where we ended and it was quite the surprise. However, while it’s a shock – it shows the range that Babyzav has and because of his versatility – that’s why he’s one to check out. So give him some of your time today. (

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