Telling Tales with BiG T

BiG T ReviewRap music has always had a story to tell, so pull up a chair and get down with what BiG T has to say. “Hell and Back” gives us a slow start in getting to know this emcee. Vocally, he sounds like he could be in the same class as DMX, but with less barking and rage. As we move along, we hit “Sells” and we pick up the energy a bit. This one has a cool beat to it that has a bit of a pop feel to it, but the lyrics come through as a full on thug performance. What’s great about “Action” is that it doesn’t let down. The title says it all and that’s what you get. We continue to flow on that level with “Thuggin.” It was a slow start, but once we get into the depths of BiG T, we found out what he can really do. He’s a master of taking his aggression and putting it to use in his rhymes in ways that welcome listeners in and keep them going along with him. If you’re a fan of DMX and Juvenile, check out BiG T today. (

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