Lamar McNair Has a Heart

Lamar Mcnair ReviewIt’s hard to keep your cool and have a heart in hip hop, but somehow Lamar McNair does it. “I Ain’t Trippin” has a lot of layers to it soundwise. With that, it will never fail to keep listeners’ attentions. In “Young King” cools it down a bit and comes through with a nice demeanor that doesn’t do much to grab you. It’s fairly balanced as it has this sweet base but on the surface has attitude. It’s pretty much the greatest from Lamar McNair, but moving on we have “My Niggas.” This one surprisingly has a lot of heart to it, as does “On the Run for the Money.” What I like about this emcee is that he has this strong backbone and delivers music that has this thug appeal, but at the same time is able to balance it out with some depth and emotion. He’s created this nice mixture of the two and should be checked out if you’re a fan of Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne. So with that, make sure to put Lamar McNair on your to do list. (

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