Shaheed404’s Street Smarts

Shaheed404 ReviewIt’s hard to find the balance in life, but somehow Shaheed404 has mastered it. “Homecoming” starts out a little odd, but shakes that off to get into a song that’s strong. It has a very neo-soul meets hip hop feel that’s a little more street than Common but not as wild as something Lil Wayne would put out. It’s like street smarts, emphasis on the smarts. The same can be said of “Do It Again.” Only this one comes through a little harder than the last. It has a rapid approach to the lyrics and showcases the real emcee skills of Shaheed404. This is an artist that manages to find the happy medium between being having something that holds substance, and keeping his cool demeanor. If you’re a fan of artists like Kendrick Lamar, check out Shaheed404 now. (

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