The Balancing Act of Tony Boone

Tony Boone ReviewWho said hip hop couldn’t be paired with a higher power? Tony Boone has found a nice balance to bring his street smarts to the gospel realm. While you won’t find traditional gospel sounds, you’ll hear that passion. “Rise Above” starts with beauty and then goes into a chilled rhyme session that brings about positivity. In “Lern to Luv,” that idea of upbeat energy is still present as the lyrics continue to bring about hope while maintaining that dope beat. In “Father Forgive Me” Boone comes a bit harder in his delivery, showcasing a need for this forgiveness. Heading into “All My Love,” it sounds like a track that 2Pac would’ve put out along the lines of “Changes.” It has that street meets relatable factor. If you’re a fan of artists like J Cole, check out Tony Boone’s music today. (

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