Flo Frazier ReviewWhen it comes to making people listen, Flo Frazier is king. His style commands attention like no other, so let’s not waste time and get to “I Am Different Vol. 1.” The “Intro” sets us up for a record that smells of intimidation and that arome continues fast with “I’m Back.” Flo has this very masculine delivery and it makes your back straighten and you take notice in an instant – partly out of fear. With “Shoutout to the Haters” he’s joined by Black Collar Biz and Gates Montana. It starts with a little Kat Williams and then goes into a track that’s surrounded by a bit of darkness. Continuing on, “Don’t Let Em” calms things down a bit, but Flo can’t be tamed. That’s a lesson to walk away with when it comes to his music. If you find yourself checking out Rick Ross and Meek Mill, then it’s time for you to add “I Am Different Vol. 1” to your collection. So get on Flo Frazier now. (https://www.datpiff.com/Flo-Frazier-I-Am-Different-Vol1-mixtape.181710.html)

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