DCP ReviewEveryone has a story to tell, so sit back while DCP spits one out. “Visions” tells a great story of where DCP came from and it’s got a sense of reality to it that will be easy for those who had to rise up out of bad times will be able to relate to. In “Never Quit” the beat has a bit more energy than the last. It still has that inspirational tone though. Things continue to get more energized as the music plays. That’s the case as we roll into “D.W.I.” It’s not the most responsible track, but it does have a great hook. He drops a line about the Marriott and then we head to “Hotel Party.” We see what he did there, and we like the connection he can make throughout his tracks. What I expected from this one though was a bit more excitement. This is more a kick back than a party. What stands out as DCP’s strength is the realness of the lyrics. Like where we started and on “Only Human.” Those stand way taller than the more niche ones like” D.W.I.” and “Hotel Party.” Plus, the chorus of “Only Human” is stellar. If you’re a fan of Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa, check out DCP today. (https://soundcloud.com/dcp_assocated007)

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