Settle In with Alex Koncrete

Alex Koncrete ReviewWhen a lot of the guys and gals are spitting it out fast, emcees like Alex Koncrete are blending rhymes with soul and bringing something else to the table. “Up In My Window” featuring Drummer has this swag about it that will resonate with fans of Drake. It intertwines hip hop with a classic R&B. So it has a balance of street and smooth. In “Dreams and Nightmares” continues listeners down that path with a very slow tempo run in the rhymes. Then comes “Stay.” It’s a cover of the Rihanna hit. It doesn’t sound too different than the original, only with a masculine vocal performance this time around. If you’re a fan of Drake, then Alex Koncrete is the direction you want to take your musical journey today. So make some time and check him out today. (

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