Dreadrock’s Basic Essentials

Dreadrock ReviewDreadrock covers all the basics to give off some fresh hip hop rhymes. “Thotiana” is great because you don’t know what it is. It could be a slang term, or a name. It has a mystery about it that makes you not only want to listen, but have to to get the whole picture. It’s a bit more out in the open with “I Got Cash.” A simple concept everyone is familiar with a hook that won’t quit when it comes to the chorus. It’s more catchy because you want to learn it and master it. In “Just Swerv” Dreadrock brings this sense of anticipation to the table with a drawn out intro. We’ve had girls, money and now some herbal refreshments with “Get High.” This one comes across like a song you listen and get down to at a kick back. It’s not over the top, or too mellow – but just right. “We Made It” slows the party down with it’s laid back feel, while “The Same” works to bring the energy back up. Dreadrock is an artist who knows his way around rhymes, but will only get better with time. So check him out because he’s here to stay. (https://www.youtube.com/user/2tudrock/videos)

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