All Sides of Ghalil Einstein

Ghalil Einstein ReviewThe thing people assume about hip hop is that it’s all the same, but real fans know that’s not the case. When it comes to Ghalil Einstein, he doesn’t play by some of the rules but overall has a great balance of beats. What better way to get introduced to an artist than by a song that shares his name? Well that’s where we’re beginning today with “Ghalil Einstein.” It gives us an overall idea of what to expect and that is a laid back emcee who seems to have a flare for the dramatics to him. Then with “Hankerin’” that chilled mentality continues on. No matter the beat, his words come out in a way that don’t allow for a lot of hype. That is until “Gun Sideways” comes through. Here he picks up his pace a bit and gives us something different and new. With that, “Chainsaw” is a mix of the two. The beat offers up some aggression, while the lyrics come across as a bit slower. If you’re a fan of Gucci Mane, check out Ghalil Einstein today. (

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