Getting Real with Connor Cassidy

Connor Cassidy ReviewConnor Cassidy gives his listeners a dose of reality in his rhymes. We start things off with a “Getaway.” Unlike a lot of hip hop tracks on there, this one begins with a solid guitar intro. Then the lyrics start to flow and it’s transformed into a whole new song. It has a sense of reality to it with a relaxed flow. “Hijack” continues on that same path with a similar musical mentality. The truth is that “Lies” comes across chiller than the last two. What’s to be noted about Cassidy is that he’s able to captivate with his rhymes because they carry a lot of heart and emotion. You can hear that he puts his all into every word his spits. Another note about “Lies” is that it has this R&B flavor mixed in a bit. Last up, “All of You” switches it up and gives us a lot of energy from this emerging emcee. If you’re a fan of Wiz Khalifa and Faboulous, check out Connor Cassidy’s music today. (

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