Reece Surreal: The Black Dali Mixtape

Reece Surreal ReviewThis March Reece Surreal released “The Black Dali Mixtape” and we’re here to tell you why it should stick with you all the way through the summer, fall and winter months. It starts with “I’m Done.” This track has a great energy to it that makes your ears perk up. The beat is a little ‘80s while the the delivery comes through in a modern way. In “U Know My Style” Reece we get this odd feel. It sounds like he layered two tracks on top of one another. It causes some confusion, but it keeps you interested. Then you have Lindsey McKay offering her vocals to the smooth diss, “They Lame” as well as the one that deals with the haters “Can’t F with Reece.” Things get a little aggressive with “Not Your Average Rapper.” He comes through cool and confident and that’s the overall feel from Reece Surreal. If you’re underground hip hop that experiments, check out “The Black Dali Mixtape,” out now. (

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