Kapitol HP ReviewKapitol HP’s “Head of State” is a hip hop record that is the soundtrack for a night out from the homie’s house to the club and back again. The title track kicks this record off with a note and then gets into the music that would be the soundtrack to any block party. “Steady Hustle” brings to life a similar vibe from the last while “2 for Me” featuring EnCrowd G is more like a song you’d hear if Chris Brown teamed up with the likes of Tyga. Kapitol HP brings what he declares a “strip club anthem” to the table, or rather stage, with Bryan Jones. Together they’ll make booties clap with “Face Down.” From the ladies on the stage to “Diamond Girl,” this song sounds like it could still be be the perfect fit for a gentlemen’s club down in Atlanta. Last up is “Looking in the Mirror.” Here we’re given a more in your face approach to hip hop. Kapitol HP is on the hunt in this one. If you’re a fan of the St. Louis rap scene, check out its rising Kapitol HP’s “Head of State,” out now. (https://kapitolhp.bandcamp.com/album/head-of-state-3)

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