100gran Wants to Prove He’s The One

100gran ReviewNorth Carolina just got a little hotter with 100gran’s rhymes. “The One” isn’t what I expected. It’s this chill hip hop that makes you sit back and take in every ounce like water on a hot day. Then we head into “9 in My Hand.” It brings the energy levels up a bit, relying on the pace of the lyrics being spit more so than the beat. In “Queen City” 100gran takes us for a ride with this explicit journey. Like “9” this one is all about following the words – at first. Then the beat comes through strong and both flow together nicely. We take things back to the chill zone with “Lil Weezy.” As “One By One” takes us to the end with a sensual beat. If you’re a fan of hip hop that finds the balance between taking it easy and bringing it hard, check out 100gran today. (https://soundcloud.com/cuttaman100gran)

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