Jackson Myers: Underprivileged

Jackson Myers ReviewJackson Myers’ “Underprivileged” is not what I expected, but it definitely exceeded expectations. “Lyons Square Park” starts with this ominous intro that goes straight into a reality charged outlook on life. You don’t get the artist but the man Myers really is with this. With “Jordans On A Saturday” featuring aReJay Ella, it’s not what I expected. I thought based solely on the title that this would be a lighthearted track about some kicks. Instead it is a passion fueled piece broken apart by Ella’s bursts of soul. The music takes a break with “Taking Names” as it’s a well spoken track. Then we’re back with the chilling “Heavy Metal Rally,” while we close out with “Villania/In My Time Of Dying.” The last track brings us full circle with a sense of elegance throughout. Those into social hip hop will want to check out Jackson Myers’ “Underprivileged,” out now. (https://soundcloud.com/jacksonmyerslives)

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