J.O.E.Y: Biggest Fan: Biggest Critic

J.O.E.Y ReviewGet familiar with J.O.E.Y’s “Biggest Fan: Biggest Critic” record. We start things out slow with “G.M.T (All A Nigga Need).” In case you’re not in the know with the acronym, the song spells it out clearly; girl, money and team. When you’re young that seems to be all you need. That’s where this music is targeted at – those who are young and still learning the ways of the world. Stylistically “Dreams Money Can Buy” is great. The odd background noise in the music you hear slightly at the start and throughout pulls the curiosity out of you. Then we get to this chilled love track, “I Wanna Be You.” Vocally you’ll know it’s J.O.E.Y but musically it sounds like a different artist than the previous tracks. This only goes to show how eclectic this artist can be. His growth is throughout a record instead of a career. You have youthful hip hop intertwined with relaxed beats and then samples of pop tracks tossed in with “Deep” that samples the Adele hit. We pick things up as we roll on with “Rollin'” that steps it up energywise. The best though seems to be “Dreams.” The hook is stellar and comes through like perfection. If you’re into being in the know about artists about to pop off, check out J.O.E.Y and his record “Biggest Fan: Biggest Critic” ASAP. (https://www.audiomack.com/album/joey-2/biggest-fan-biggest-critic)

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