K.R.W ReviewK.R.W has a very southern feel to the music. Whenever you hear that build up in the music and then the lyrics are delivered in a chill but cool way, you can see the ATL. “Loud” follows that protocol. Is that where K.R.W hails from? We’re not entirely sure, but it sounds like it and that should be a compliment because a lot of talent comes from that area. The best part of this track is the beat. While the words come through with some attitude, the beat just allows you to nod along in a lax way. Then you have “Cop Boy” featuring Spoggie. This one has the same formula as the last; hard lyrics brought to life in a very relaxed way constructed around music that feels laid back. If you’re into hip hop that has some street wise ways but isn’t too hype and overdone, check out K.R.W now. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLq252SGIfs)

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