Break the Bank with Shooty Paid

ShootyPaid ReviewYou get a dose of reality and a shot of excellence with Shooty Paid. “Broke Nigga!” has a lot of energy. It has a very communal feel to it, like you put it on and everyone at the party would chime in and sing along. With “#ThankYou!” you’re going to be trending thanks to the singing chorus parts that blend well with the slimmed down rhymes. The hype comes back with “BandzUp.” All in all Shooty Paid has a very youthful feel to his music. The music would play well on a mix with Wiz Khalifa and Tyga. When “Tired” started I wasn’t really feeling it, but as it played on it really grew on me like moss on a tree. The beat intertwined with the build up of the finesse and delivery really makes it a well-rounded joint in the end. Plus, the lyrics are really meaningful and true to those who are fed up with struggling day to day. It’s an anthem for the hard workers out there. If you’re into modern day hip hop that showcases reality and talent, check out Shooty Paid now rather than later. (

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