Raw Energy with Wallfly Feedback

Wallfly Feedback ReviewOver in Philly Tophboogie and Drematic make up the hip hop and rock duo Wallfly Feedback. They intertwine their influences and loves to bring forth a type of music that speaks louder than words. “Quiet Your Mind” is a quick fix for you that love hip hop. It feels pure as the only beat comes straight from one of the guys beatboxing. It’s raw on the surface but sounds like clean lines thanks to the clear cut rhymes. With “My Generation” things lean more towards singer-songwriter as the song is sung and not rapped in the intro but then the hip hop kicks in. It sounds like what the Black Eyed Peas were way back when before they turned super pop and Top 40 and actually had a message in their music. If you’re into hip hop that dares to be different and has more than just slick beats but a meaning, check out Wallfly Feedback. (https://wallflyfeedback.com/)

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