John Jay ReviewOut in Texas John Jay has mastered the art of work and play in hip hop. The intro to “The Answers” mixes R&B soul and an old school announcement and both work together to bring you to the track at hand. Jay really lays it out as he goes from verse to verse with ease. His flow is on point as we go from the attack on “Collection Plate” to asking if we like it in “Ain’t Gon’ Do It.” It’s been pretty similar sounding tracks but that’s until “Are You In” brought a sense of maturity to his sound. It was a bit like early Nas in a way. That sentiment continues as we get into the storytelling side of Jay with “Push Play.” Songs that make you move and send energy through you are fun and fine but these ones that show off the artistry of what he can do are what shine the brightest. If you like artists who can both have a good time but bring to life reality through rhyme, check out John Jay today. (

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