Wave Them High for Wavy Wyngz

Wavy Wyngz ReviewWavy Wyngz is a rapper who really goes above and beyond to get the job done. “T Dot” is a really uplifting and empowering song. It’s all about being able to overcome obstacles and doing it for yourself and not really out of spite or to show up anyone. It’s a great, positive message. He was modest in that one but then had to show himself some love with “Wavy Wyngz.” Everyone deserves to pat their own back every once in awhile, right? Then we head on into “F*** It I’m On” and it has this sort of rock vibe to it when it starts. You can hear this guitar like sound and then it has a very easy hook to learn. It’s not for the radio realm but would be a chill zone track for the club scene. Speaking of the club, it’s not an over the top booty shaking movement but “New Shit” has this beat to it that makes you want to move about in a very sensual way. The best thing about Wavy Wyngz is that each track is a new side of him, and they only get better. He can lay it out in a realistic way like where we started and let loose in tracks like “City To City.” If you want a hip hop artist who can keep you on your toes soundwise, check out Wavy Wyngz now. (https://soundcloud.com/wavy-wyngz)

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