Carmen Skyy ReviewCarmen Skyy is a female emcee that has an huge amount of talent encased in her mixtape “Backstage.” The “Intro” sounds like something you’d hear in a movie. It’s less musical and more Lifetime biopic. Then the actual music settles in with the title track featuring Rheka. It doesn’t sound like a overly pop track, it has substance to it. Giel hops on to help with “Glitter” and unlike that Mariah Carey movie, this “Glitter” is something to put on repeat. Things do get a little pop, but more on the dance side of things with “I’m Ready.” I thought it was reminiscent of what Black Eyed Peas would spit out with Fergie delivering the rhymes. We get a hip hop fueled love song with “I’m a Believer” and then simplify things with “Be.” All in all “Backstage” wasn’t what you’d expect. When it’s easy for female emcees to fall into the same boat and be pushed out to sea, Carmen really does a good job defining her sound and style. If you’re into musical individuals, check out Carmen Skyy. (

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