Empire of God$ Play It Fast & Slow

Empire of God$ ReviewEmpire of God$ does it big in two big ways. “Wake&Bake” is a weird place to start out on but it works for a chill Sunday afternoon. You can’t beat having a track that delivers a good time in the form of song constructed of sly beats and relaxed overall aura. The herbal refreshments and feel continues with “Orange Juice & Weed Crumbs.” What’s really great about this one is that some may dismiss it because of the title, but it keeps it classy with the music and presentation. The same can be said of “Ode To My Bitch.” While the title doesn’t sound too flattering, you can’t help but get lost in the R&B influences here. It’s been a lot of that but then Empire of God$ brings more of a hip hop vibe with “Now (All I Know).” It just steps it up in terms of how much you can move to it. We continue on that path as we get well into “I Go Hard.” So it’s apparent that Empire of God$ has two speeds; chilled out and fast and slightly furious. If you like hip hop that can showcase both sides of the coin, check out Empire of God$. (https://soundcloud.com/theholyempire)

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