elijah-mauldin-speakerbox-reviewElijah Mauldin’s “Speakerbox” is one of those hip hop albums that comes as a surprise; a pleasant one. He intertwines elements from al l genres to make his rap stand out. “Rock Solid” starts with what you think is going to be this classical sound and then Elijah slams in and doesn’t stop. The rhymes come hard but they actually have a clear perspective on life. Like the last, “Baby” starts out soft and again the words come through in a clear headed manner. He’s fast and fierce but without being intimidating. “Life Is Good” almost sounds like it could be this adult contemporary song but then Elijah comes in and does his thing. It’s an interesting mix of his rap style and the music that could be attributed to any genre except hip hop. It’s always cool to hear rappers taking chances and succeeding. If you’re into artists from Common to Drake, check out Elijah Mauldin’s “Speakerbox” now. (https://www.youtube.com/user/mauldin69/videos)

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