389-productions-review389 Productions “Volume 6” is a mix of artists who range in style and variety when it comes to the world of hip hop. “Shawtee U Cole” is a confusing one based on the lyrics — a girl is cold but you still want to get her in bed? It is an interesting take on the dating perspective. Warning, it’s a very explicit song so consider this one a big old NSFW. “Time Changes” is from a female perspective and is very easy on the ears, as is “Through the Air.” It’s a softer take to hip hop and the rhymes aren’t overbearing and abrupt. They glide off the tongue in a skilled manner. “Ya Boy Got Dollaz” has a sick beat from the beginning that’s got a little video game-like stance to it. Then you have “Hop Scotch” and it’s far from the playground favorite. It sounds like something that’d come from the Cash Money camp. If you’re into an eclectic mix of artists then check out what’s coming out of 389 Productions. This is just the 6th volume; make sure to keep an eye out for “Volume 7,” dropping soon. (https://www.389productions389.com/default.html)

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